KBS: The Bread Maker You Can Rely On

KBS is a leading manufacturer of bread making machines and other kitchen appliances, with more than 20 patents and various certifications. With its own marketing research, product design, R&D, production, and quality control departments, KBS can deliver fast, reliable, and high-quality products to its customers worldwide.

Ceramic Coated Pan

The ceramic coated pan makes bread evenly baked with no chemicals like nonstick coatings. Easier to clean and healthier.

Fruit and Nut Dispenser

Releases ingredients at the right time automatically. Also has timing features like 15 hour delay timer and 1 hour keep warm.

Quality and Support

ETL safety certified with 2 year warranty. Comes with lots of accessories like extra paddle, gloves, and cookbook. Responsive support team for any issues.

Choose Your bread machine

With customizable programs, advanced features, and versatile accessories, KBS bread machines bake up convenience built right in. These sleek, stainless steel appliances fit seamlessly into your kitchen décor while unlocking the joy of fresh homemade breads, cakes, and more with just a touch. Discover the art and science of perfectly kneaded dough under the modern glass viewing windows of KBS bread makers.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine

The KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine stands out with its commercial-grade stainless steel build and rugged durability. With the same intuitive controls and bread making capabilities as the other KBS models, the Pro upgrades key components to withstand years of daily use. Its reinforced kneading blade, professional grade non-stick pan, and enhanced motor provide exceptional performance for avid home bakers.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

KBS Bread Maker-710W Dual Heaters

The KBS Bread Maker with 710W Dual Heaters bakes bread more evenly and efficiently. It features dual heating elements on the top and bottom of the loaf pan to monitor and adjust temperatures precisely. This promotes uniform rising, browning, and moisture distribution for superior loaf texture and taste. The upgraded heating system allows the 710W Dual Heater model to outperform standard bread machines.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

KBS 19-in-1 Bread Maker

The KBS 19-in-1 Bread Maker is the most versatile option with 19 auto menus for gluten-free, jam, cake and more. It has a durable stainless steel body yet takes up minimal counter space with its unique horizontal design. Customize kneading, rising and baking with 3 manual modes or simply select your desired settings right on the intuitive digital interface. The 19 presets along with customization abilities make this KBS bread machine the optimal choice for unleashing your inner baker.

MAKING delicious BREAD since 2012

KBS has successfully established OEM/ODM projects with different countries and regions, and is constantly developing new and innovative products to meet the diverse needs of its users. KBS’s goal is to make humanized and modern products for all the users in the world, and invites you to join its growing community of satisfied customers.

Bread making for any occasion

Whether an intimate dinner party, lavish wedding reception, or company celebration, freshly baked bread adds warmth and whimsy. KBS bread machines like the 19-in-1 model allow you to have piping hot loaves at a moment’s notice with features like 15-hour delay timers. Impress your guests and create the aroma of homemade bread right on site with the versatile bread making programs and customization options of the KBS 710W Dual Heater bread maker.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

Private Party

For a sophisticated private dinner party, use the KBS Pro Stainless Steel Bread Machine to bake fresh artisan loaves with its commercial-grade durability and consistency.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

Wedding Recepction

For a wedding reception, the KBS 19-in-1 Bread Maker can conjure up fresh baked breads, cakes and jams to delight guests with its versatility and range of auto programs.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

Corporate Event

For a corporate event, impress clients with the KBS 710W Dual Heater by serving uniform loaf after loaf with its precision heating system that ensures consistent texture and taste.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

Birthday Party

For a fun birthday party, let the kids customize their own mini loaf using the manual modes on the family-friendly KBS 19-in-1 Bread Maker.

Our clients thought

These bread machines aren’t just transforming everyday baking, but special occasions too. See first-hand from Amanda, Henry, and Cara how the customizable features and flawless results of KBS bread makers helped their celebrations go off without a hitch.

The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

As a busy mom, I always struggled to find healthy, gluten-free options my son could enjoy. But the KBS 19-in-1 Bread Maker changed our lives! With the touch of a button, I can make tasty sandwich bread, pizza crusts, and muffins that are safe for my child’s diet. The bread comes out perfect every time thanks to customizable settings. Now my son can finally take lunches he’s excited about, and I have hours of my week back! This machine allowed this busy mom to worry less and enjoy more special moments with my family.



The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love to experiment in the kitchen and entertain friends with new culinary creations. When I first used the KBS Pro Bread Machine, I was blown away by its durability and performance. I’ve used it to knead pounds of dough and bake artisan loaf after loaf without the machine straining one bit. Now my dinner parties always start with fresh, hot bread straight from the KBS Pro. The commercial-grade construction allows me to unleash my inner baker time and time again. My guests are just as amazed by the reliability and delicious taste!



The KBS Bread Machine - Official Online KBS Bread Machine Website

As a recent bride on a budget, I was determined to personalize my wedding reception. The KBS 710W Dual Heater Bread Machine allowed me to bake homemade treats that looked and tasted gourmet. With its perfectly even baking, every loaf, roll, and cake was identical – almost too pretty to eat! My guests were truly blown away by the bread baskets and towering wedding cake, thinking I had splurged on a professional. But thanks to my trusty KBS bread machine, I wowed everyone with my own culinary creations while staying on budget. It made my dream wedding a delicious reality!



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